Status app - gateway to Ethereum - what is it? How to create an account?

here's interesting app which is called status gateway to ethereum why this app is interesting well first it's start to climb in the top charts in the US app store and then it's also it combines private messenger secure crypto wallet and ethereum Webster browser into one powerful communication tool so it's like three in one crypto wallet there are already a bunch of crypto wallets but then a web story browser and also a private messenger so this messenger is like as I understand it's a web stream messenger app where you using blockchain technology so it's not like WhatsApp it's not like a Facebook Messenger here uh your messages are stored somehow on the blockchain um chat with friends in growing communities Buy sell store and exchange digital assets browse the distance relies internet without being exploited for your data so let's explore it um chat or a peer-to-peer encrypted Network where messages can be censored secure crypto wallet decentralized apps a set of keys controller Contour Keys leave on your phones only you can get them and then basically you can uh you can log in here basically I think you can log in with your ethereum account like with your meta mask and then just use your seed price or some and then log in here because it's like a Webster app so that's basically how you can create an account

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