Status Saver for Whatsapp Plus - app overview

okay so here is the app startup server for whatsapp plus so let's just tap get to install this app and i will just use touch id to install it so this app is in the top charts of social networking you can see uh the features connect many accounts status for whatsapp you can share whatsapp stories for any video stickers maker for whatsapp multiple accounts for whatsapp videos for whatsapp status premium whatsapp fidget part by instant story [Music] so then you can just open the app and then you you can allow notifications and then you just need to go to whatsapp and scan the qr code below you can just reload the code you can have the stickers there is also chat you can manage sessions so if i go to whatsapp uh yep okay so that's basically the app here this is just like a preview uh and then there is a free trial for three days and 9.99 per week and then you have three days free or you have more options and yep unfortunately it's not possible to to get um it's for free i guess only when you start a free trial

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