Steam Chat app - quick overview

so here is steam chat app where you can chat with friends and groups check in with friends chords in a time time to play with your group or check out official game chats see who is playing now quickly see who is playing or is ready to play in our mission opportunity at France with the link and there you have it so that's basically like a Discord for steam I never use this app [Music] uh and then I can just create and then I can just invite friends create new chat uh share the invite link you can see that's my profile so basically you just log in with your Steam account into this app and it's just yeah it's kind of like a separate chat app to steam it's a quite convenient like a Discord just for Steam you can go here you can see all of these settings um you can see push notifications you can see information it's not possible to delete an account here I guess because it's just linked to your Steam account so yeah uh you can always reach out to somehow unfortunately I don't have friends in this team app and not like a gamer but just interesting to see hopefully this just gave you a quick preview of the steam chat app

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