Still in TRUTH SOCIAL Waiting List - what to do?

hey everyone so i created true social account like two days ago still on the waiting list um so this waiting list number probably is updated but it's not updated on this confirmation screen it's a thank you for joining us your massive demand we have placed you on our waitlist you are not just another number to us but your waitlist number is below so that's that and then after a few hours after creating an account in the app i received email where i just got that the number was 80 000 or something so yep but then you don't get any email and it's like two days so i don't know like what's the schedule how much time can it take maybe it can take like few weeks or months or something some people actually annoyed with that there are waiting lists and even with the waiting list the app is still crushing and still buggy so there are a lot of bugs as there are like all these red errors like something went wrong please try uh let's try again later well that doesn't work so all this kind of stuff um yep so did you already get access like just interesting to know leave your replies in the comments below like how long did it take for you when do you sign up because i signed up for pre-order uh back uh when yeah i think back in december or something like that uh but yeah uh there you have it

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