StormX app overiew EARN CRYPTO CASHBASK!

hello everyone so here is the storm x app so let's just try to install it and see how it works so i'm just using touch id to install uh it says it's one of the easiest ways to earn crypto so shop at your favorite stores and earn free bitcoin or ethereum so this is the easiest and safest way to start earning cryptocurrency without any of the hassle it's time to stack sets um so yeah when you just shop you can basically earn a bitcoin or ethereum and some other coins just like a cashback and then you will see your total balance so stormix bitcoin ethereum die litecoin these are the coins you can earn zero average writing is 4.6 out of five and there are like 1131 ratings uh and some people are writing like loves this app i'm making money and i know how they pay out at a reasonable amount i have cashed out at least six times in the past two months i'm not making a fortune but absolutely love it so that's cool so let's just try to open the app then our notifications and then you can just create your account with google apple so let's just do that earning store mix make a purchase you track it the store tells how much crypto to send you using a few hours but it can take up to 14 days and you get rewarded as soon as your purchase refund period has passed you will get your reward typically 90 days or less become a member and connect a wallet you can also continue without a wallet and yeah so this is how it works so if for example if you want to buy something on aliexpress you can earn up to 6.3 crypto cashback uh do not use any coupons promo codes so 6.3 on mobile phones and accessories 4.9 on other categories and then you just need to activate your deal anyways and then it's then you just continue shopping earn up to one thousand refer and get up to one thousand dollars for each friend so when your friends upgrade their membership and hold them for 90 nights you will both earn up to thousand dollars in stemx so this is my referral link uh let's try to share it so this is my link stormwix and then you can see it here below yeah like this so that's that um then you can see all this for example if i want to shop on yeah i can just use this uh cashback and then just buy stuff there so that's pretty cool actually i'm not sure like how exactly like uh [Music] is it working in other countries as well not only us um or it's just worldwide so that's interesting so you can always submit a ticket here in the bottom um you can also just buy crypto from this app and then you can see uh how much total well locked lock your estimates balance and earn an additional 10 10 in rewards per year there are rewards so interesting app to play with and regarding crypto so definitely explore it there are also some alternatives i think like loli or all of that so yeah hope that is helpful

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