Story Rewatch Count in Snapchat plus - how to see who REWATCHED YOUR STORY?

in this video let's go through how to see who viewed uh your snapchat story more than two times so if you upgraded to snapchat plus uh there is this feature which is called story watch count let's just learn more first so you understand what that is so it's also called story watch indicator so when you just upgrade to snapchat plus you will see the eyes icon ice emoji under stories and this emoji will indicate that one or more friends have rewatched as long as the story has more than one view you can see how many friends rewatch snaps that you post to my story private stories or share a story um to see if anyone has watched the story you have posted tap on it then swipe up so here is a preview so that's like an image so under each story you will see a number of views general and then there is this ice emoji and back right to this emoji you will see number two as in this image for example the number next to this emoji counts how many friends have re-watched your story not the total number of times is being rewatched so that's basically how it works so basically number two means that two of your friends rewards your story so you can see 52 uh people like or 50 people watched the story and then two of them rewatched those are like 52 views and two rewards uh i'm not sure like can you see exactly who watched that or like how does it work but yeah that's basically how it works that's the feature so for example if i have my story here so here's the story so currently it doesn't have a lot of views but then in the bottom you will see this yeah if you swipe up uh you will see this eyes uh emoji just under your under your image and then that's basically how it works so hope this is helpful um try it out it it should work with all types of stories so also private stories as well so yeah thanks for watching

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