StreamLabs app - how to install & create an account?

everyone so here is streamlabs app which recently is climbing in the top charts in social media category in the us app store so let's just have a quick look for a start how to create an account and how to get started i'll probably cannot i can create another video overview of the full functionality of this app so the idea is that you can do live streams better and broadcast live from anywhere stream your games on your camera and then you can stream to multiple sources like youtube twitch facebook video personalize with themes sync with your widgets customize your streams and all of that and that is just from your mobile phone so you don't need like some heavy desktop software on your laptop carrying your laptop with you you can just stream uh from your mobile and it's super cool stream to platforms like tick tock lula trovo nemo and more one app infinite destination stream game stream your camera personalize your stream all all your widgets simply select the widgets you'd like to include in your mobile stream and we will do the rest so a while will we just include alert box chat box you want this donation ticket the jar donation goal and many more to come so that's the idea then you can just tap cat and then use touch id to install so that's that and then you can just open stream labs so these are the ways to sign up here so twitch youtube facebook custom rtmp tick tock or something else so let's try to do it with tick tock [Music] okay maybe it's just easier to do it with facebook let's reload the app so let's try facebook and then i just need to log in here with my um yeah my facebook account then you just enter the details and proceed so that's how you create an account English (auto-generated)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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