Stripe iOS LockScreen widgets - preview

so what a stripe iOS lock screen widget so yeah this is just a quick preview it was just released so as you can see on iOS 16 it's a new feature where you can enable this so-called lock screen videos basically without opening your iPhone without logging into your iPhone you can just connect stripe and then see your monthly recurrent Revenue your successful payments your yeah some other stats from stripe dashboard app so where you can just track key business metric right from your lock screen yeah some people like this feature some people say maybe it won't be a H it won't be you know that useful or even secure like you know if if you just leave your phone somewhere at work or somewhere like in with friends and then everyone just sees like the top metrics uh right on your phone without unlocking it but that's just like a lock screen feature that's a new feature and for some apps it can be really successful um so yeah here you can see all the charts available spam per customer Revenue per subscriber new trials um turn Revenue dispers activity dispute count gross volume high risk payments lifetime value monthly recurring Revenue net volume from sales new customers new subscribers so yeah just see that um and then it can be just a really motivational uh like thing to grow your business just without opening your phone uh you can instantly see stripe widget and how your mrr is going and all of that like also um yeah you can see stripe fidget on the on the home screen and um um yeah so that's that but yeah regarding the home screen widgets sorry I think I got that wrong like if you just tap and hold like with any other home screen widget so you can see the apps are starting jiggling and you start to type stripe there is no um uh yeah home screen videos unfortunately for stripe which is a bit weird so some people also prefer home screen widgets where you have can have the same scene but just just on your home screen um yes there are a bunch of home screen widgets out there which are also like quite popular um yeah the same some people just like the weather or having their clock or having some messages from friends in the form of the widget not just like the app so yeah um something like that um so hope this is helpful and

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