Substack iOS app - can’t sign in

so i'm trying this newly created substack reader app and one of my issues was that i couldn't sign in so i have already had an account and when you try to sign in here you just need to enter in your mail you don't need a password and then you receive some confirmation email to your inbox and then there is like a sign into sap stack here is the sign-in link to you requested for the sub-stack app it can only be used once and expires after 24 hours then you can just tap sign into substack app and you're directed to that but then what happened to me is just this circle just kept loading and i could only sign in after three after the third time so as you can see i just requested three emails and on the third time i was able to sign in actually when i signed in it showed some error but then it's like okay you already signed in but i wasn't then i restarted the app and i was already signed in so there's definitely some kind of like a bug there and i was also reading i was reading like the reviews in the like in the uh like just reviews for this app and then um yeah some people also tell they experience this issue so for me i restarted the app a few times i requested the same this link try to sign in and after third attempt it works so maybe it will help you out so if you can't sign in just try to do that some people also tell that if you try to reach out to substance support it's it's taking on time so just try these basic steps in the beginning uh so yeah uh there you have it

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