SUGO CHAT APP - how to delete an account?

so here is an app sugar chat and make new friends so in case you want to delete your account here's how you do it just go to your profile and bottom right tap on settings tap on account and safety and then tap delete account from here you will be able to delete your account account deletion is irreversible once the account is successfully deleted you won't be able to login use the account or retrieve or dispose of any content your deletion of the account will be regarded as your volunteer and spontaneous so during the deletion uh you have the right to decline your deletion request without obtaining your consent after the deletion is completed only sugar app will delete your personal information or anonymize it in accordance with the law so that's that and then you can just tap request deletion in the bottom left so that's what you do there are quite a lot of like some permissions and some conditions which is quite unusual but there you have it sometimes in these apps that's what you do just to delete your account um yeah and if you want to protect your person like privacy and some data that's what you can do

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