SUGO Chat & make friends - app overview

here is this app which is called sugarchat and make new friends and it says a bunch of friends like that every week or so on the us app store where you have this random video chat apps live chat meet new friends hang out with local people be our social queen voice chat party friendship or relationship uh an opening random live chat app similar to omega sango hello azal here allows you to make new friends in random chat and messages live random chat and meeting new people experience your social circle brings you closer to strangers if you still encounter some inappropriate behavior go find the official team chat with real people high response rate healthy community private voice chat party that's what you can discover here and then you can just go to the chat and then uh here you can just see how it looks like there are some ads and then you can just try to chat with some people as you can see this app is in the top charts in your ass but it seems it's mostly like arabic users then you have nearby people just dependent and then you have just recommended followings so as you can see i don't know maybe it's not the best high quality app right there but i was just curious to to see because it's entered like top 200 apps in the us app store but a lot of these apps to be honest they're just entering that and then they just disappear again so and then you have your chat room and then you have your visitors you can see who visited you but then you need to upgrade and then you have your profile here so that's your profile uh um you can recharge if you want you need these coins to access all these features so at the moment you see your coins balanced for and then vap center and then you can see here you can edit your profile edit your basic information i think you can edit your profile picture or you can just add it here and add some more photos then there are settings there is account and safety and then in the bottom you can just tap to delete your account so if you want to delete the account you can just do it from here it's good in case you are concerned about your privacy or data or anything around it you can just delete it from here you can just tap to request deletion and then you also have like general settings you can just clear cache so that's basically what you can also do it's good to clear caching these apps because yeah sometimes these apps can just consume so much data and all of that so that's basically that and then you can also earn coins there are daily tasks which you can do you can just do like daily check-in you can say hi to some people and yeah do some stuff like if you're uploading more pictures or anything like that you can just go here so anyhow i hope this app will just get a bit more users uh and yeah let's see you can always just download it it's free to use uh and then yeah you can just see if you want to try it out or not this was just for you just quick preview so you have an idea what this app is is about thank you for watching

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