SUGO Chat & make new friends - how to create an account?

here's app called sugo chat and make new friends so let's just go quickly through how to create an account and to install it um yeah it's a free app but it's entering top charts in the us app store which has random live chat meet new friends hang out with local people be social queen voice chat party friendship or relationship um and it's yeah it's among top 200 apps in social networking sugar and opening random live chat apps similar to omega sangha hello azal here allows you to make new friends in random chat and messages live random chat and meeting new people expensive social circle brings you closer to strangers sugo's automated ai protection system will protect your whole profile if you will still encounter some inappropriate behavior so why should we chat with real people high response rate healthy community private voice chat party and all of that so that's basically the idea um i need to say that there are so many apps like this every week on the app store all these apps where you can chat randomly with other users with other people so that's basically that and sometimes all these apps are just pretty scammy so just be careful some of these apps are really like high quality but i would say 90 of these random video chat apps are not that great but anyhow to create an account you can just either use facebook or apple id or tick tock and then then you can just select your birthday and then you just have your gender and that should be it and then i receive some rewards for checking in daily and there you have it that's the app so now you just can see who is nervy some recommended and yeah sometimes in these apps as you can see people are just really not like either there can be a lot of people from arabic countries or there can be some chinese users so it just really depends like how how are you going to use this app but this app is trending in your ads as well so probably there are more like you ask people here as well so yeah that's that hope it is helpful

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