so here's the interesting uh app which is called summer dating a new friend it's it's growing in charts in the u.s app store uh so uh yeah you can see this is the dating app where you can discover profiles swipe left or right but like why would you use it instead of tinder or any other app like bumble or badoo or you know something like that uh uh summer previously known as spark is the fastest growing new dating app that allows you to spend less time swiping and more time dating some are ratio users who are closest to you so [Music] sami summer is here to revolutionize the dating space for good once you send a like that person has 24 hours to like you back or send you a message you're all busy you don't have time to wait days even months for a match date more swipe less uh with summer everyone nearby is laid out in front of you so you can see who catches your eye learn about them and spark a conversation and also they have a summer dating widget which you can add also so let's just explore so here is how the app looks like you can change your filters search preferences uh it's free you don't need uh to upgrade to do that uh you can see who viewed you you can boost your profiles so you can buy like uh some boost to to get more profile views so you can get like 10 boosts uh four dollars each one boost 6.99 each so you can do that um and then yeah you can get like you can see who likes you you can see matches and messages and then there is your profile i created another video about uh starting with your profile it's super easy but yeah there are a lot of questions and you need to add at least three photos um and then there is like a monthly subscription where you can get this app like summer plus option so you can upgrade uh one month for 19.99 those three months for 39.99 so you can do that then you can invite friends and if you're not happy with the app or you're concerned about your privacy and data you can just type delete to confirm and then you can delete your app here so then you can also add the summer widget so that's the cool feature everyone's talking about so just press and hold the home screen background until your apps begin to jiggle tap plus and then select summer scroll to find the size you like then app tap add widget for some reason i like this feature doesn't work for me i really wanted to try it out just for fun and then i'm just searching for summer and it doesn't work so that's basically that uh that's the app um yeah so it it helps has nice fresh design you can check it out for sure but like i don't see what's the big difference if it's like tinder or yeah some other dating apps is there some like catch or some advantage uh so i have no idea actually um but yeah feels nice and they have a good branding like summer it's summer everyone was like a summer dating app something like that and then here you can just see the profiles and seems you can do a lot of stuff without upgrading and without need to pay however like you know i think this app is still quite new and with a lot of dating new dating apps um they don't have a big amount of people everywhere around the world so probably if you live somewhere in london it should be okay but or in united states in big cities but somewhere in europe outside of us probably you won't get that many matches yet so it's mostly us-based app at this moment but yeah a nice fun app so give it a try uh by the way so for example here's can be your account some photos you can add your bio you can add your trades you can add some voice intro you can then preview how your profile looks like and anything around it so hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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