here is sunroom app which was featured in techcrunch this weekend apps newsletter and it has just interesting concepts so i just wanted to feature it sunroom is a creator app where women and non-binary people make money absolutely anyone is welcome to join us a member and connect with learn from and enjoy the world's top creators uh sunroom is space that gives creators more control and more freedom we are welcoming in a new era of derock cares a woman power and creating a community around celebrated self-expression so there are different ways for who you can support creators you can cheer you can tip you can become a member uh so subscribe for a membership uh yeah so interesting perspectives but this is uh like this app is focused uh around niche community so nope it doesn't open anymore so basically let's go through the process if you want to become a creator here what you need to do so you can just tap plus in the bottom and then you can become a sunroom creator at the moment this app is on boarding a limited number of creators so that we can maintain a diverse community and ensure product performance so here are some selection criteria so there is selection based on gender engagement do people consistently love and interact with that what you put into the world is your expertise or talent whose boldness do you push boundaries speak up and take risks with realness and vulnerability business ambitions and all of that so there you have it you have read the criteria and then you just need to enter a first last name so she'll handle you can include this accounts and probably it would be really good if if there is really uh like you know these accounts have a lot of followers and you can really prove that you are already an influencer either on twitch instagram only funds youtube or anywhere else and then just add that handle and of course you need to be in that category of people i just mentioned and then yeah you can just start doing that so who knows maybe you can be really successful in this app because maybe some apps are too big maybe it's a good start to try out just some niche creator app like this one and maybe you can really monetize your content and earn like decent revenue here so hope that can be helpful and thank you for watching

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