so let's just do a glue cup quick guide on superfi app uh so this app is kind of like a quora for teenagers so the idea of the app you can ask anything you like uh um [Music] so you can just ask any question so for example um you can add images and then just post so something like that you can post any types of questions uh how to use uh relationship questions just general mood questions food music uh whatever um yeah that's the idea of the app where like kind of a gen z chat app where you can just hang out and of course and then there is like a reply you can then just give a super like and then you can send a super coin you can go to account uh so that's basically how it looks like uh that's the idea you can also engage in the chat here and discuss any topics so that's the idea you can see any a lot of like you know uh relationship motivational mental health questions then there is your account you can see gifts creature coming soon super coins settings you can enable notification sounds you can show your age location gender on your profile or you can hide it then add it in for you there is your name but you can change uh it only two times so this app tries to focus on real names and real people and there is your gender [Music] so yeah that's the idea there is also user guide if you want to send some feedback or delete your account or data you can do it here so that's the app basically like yik yak or you know it's just like a location based forum so you just post any interesting posts or threats in your location uh here you just post any questions globally worldwide there is there is no like limitation to to your gps location or something like that so yeah that's the app quite interesting is growing in the top charts in the in the app store and then you can invite your friends yeah the point is it can feel pretty addictive if you start engaging with other people in this chat uh yeah try to engage in answering other people questions asking your questions that can be pretty addictive and kind of entertaining way to spend time i'm not sure actually if these are real people or a lot of these people just ai bots because you know there are so many apps like chai or jam souls or some like dating bots app where you can't really distinguish especially in a text chat is it some ai chat or a real person so i'm not sure about that but anyways uh this is interesting app to try it out very minimalistic design a lot of questions so here you can also yeah so hope that is helpful

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