SuperFy - Ask Anything! - app overview

however one so interesting app which enters the top charts in social networking which is called superfi ask anything uh answers from people in seconds get answers and tips from real people in seconds superfly lets you talk with people and get the advice you need you can ask anything ask for others and help them too instead of asking siri and cortana are going through google search results asking in online groups and sites like credit core mi websites for answering tips or even searching yell for accommodation just ask any question and supervise will instantly find people that can answer it's just like chatting on facebook messenger but instead of asking people you know user might have an answer you can get to anyone who knows the answer so how does it work ask any question insert anything super fine send it to the most relevant people get answers in instant messages chat to find out more and talk talk about your interests so then let's just open the app here here is the app superfine and yep here i can just create an account i never used it before but i'm just like super curious to check out how it works you can allow notifications or not as you want you can allow your location so then you can just add a photo you can add your [Music] head of birth so for example if i want to ask this [Music] it just searches for some people looking for an answer and favorite rock song i can also enter that so so that's it that's the first answer maybe there is uh there is some some other answer and probably yes so if i just keep answering or people uh keep asking me i can just really go ahead in this app so that's the idea basically so yeah yep that's the app i think you can see notification sounds user guide you can see you can also add your instagram change your name log out so look show location age and gender on profile see all of this information you can update your bio uh so there you have it um that's the idea um so that's the app and then i just see all these questions like seems they will be just spamming me but maybe if you give good answers you can just earn some points and and then yeah maybe you can go ahead in this app or something like that so something like this hope it is helpful

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