SuperLive app preview - how to create account?

here's interesting app called super live watch live streams so let's just install it and see how that is working so i can just use touch id to install or just use face id so here you can see the size of the app so you can just see it here and you can get gifts from your followers go live and share your skills meet new people watch live chat with your friends all over the world welcome to super live super live is a popular video streaming social network that allows you to show your skills share your moments and even more also make incredible friends from all over the world you can broadcast live and show your talents to all over the world you can talk to your friends get present and have incredible fun super live share your special moments live with your friends all around the world and expand your community so that's the app it has 106 megabyte size so relatively medium-sized app you need to have that storage on your phone but it's not an issue for newer phones but also you can see here 492 ratings and 4.5 average writing so yep so then i can just open the app and let's see how it works so then uh you can just uh yeah you can create an account if you want i don't think it's exactly needed to to create an account in this app but yeah you can also accept terms and agreements and then you will see your account um so yeah that's basically it that's how you create an account and then you can see all of these followings all of the chats and all of that

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