Surveys on the Go - IS IT LEGIT? HOW TO USE?

so here is this app service on the go is it legit uh like can you use it uh safely um like this app like it still is in the top charts of the lifestyle category all the categories in the us app store um if you were looking for an app to make money if it's a jackpot so that's in the description but i don't know exactly like how like so i would really advise you to be quite careful with this kind of apps because some of them can be scammy and then over promising usually so they tell you that you can earn like you know thousands of dollars but in fact like you know it's super hard to earn like ten dollars and uh a small percentage of users actually do that so but anyways when you're bored at home or jump and you have the chance to earn some free easy money download the survey app to earn your first dollar instantly make cash by taking surveys we pay you real cash not points is fast easy and most service will pay one five dollars with some service plan ten dollars if you qualify so you just need to download the app create an account it's super easy to do fully enable notifications and enable location services at all times and you can start redeeming uh [Music] rewards uh as soon as you reach 10 dollars but like majority of surveys can earn from one to five dollars so that's basically what it's about so here is the app you can see the surveys tab unfortunately i see that there is like currently no surveys making sure notifications are on will ensure you're immediately alerted about new surveys so yeah i don't know why is that you can see all the notifications and support here in the top right chart and there is a profile and then there is email first like you yeah here you can enable location services you can enable digital server base if you want you can enable touch id and then basically here is your current balance as soon as you hit 10 dollars you can redeem it to amazon visa starbucks paypal there is payout history transaction history all of that but for some reason i still i still don't have any service here i don't know why is that i'm located in europe um so i don't know why uh why is that uh so yeah but this is the app you can also refer friends so you can just ima like you know share your attacks on facebook um but again i don't really recommend you to take this app like super seriously at this moment i have no hundred percent information this is completely safe app there are a bunch of apps which uh try to you know skyrocket in the app store for a few days and then they just go down um so maybe this app is just using this for that um so yeah if you have any other insights about this app just leave it in the comments below

Mobrog Survey App: Is the site legi...
Mobrog Survey App: Is the site legit or a scam?
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