SUSH APP - super quick overview

here is super quick overview of such app it's going viral in around the world it's in top charts and some people just like wondering what this app is about exactly so the idea is simple so you you just can add your friends you need to have your friend username or you can just uh add some uh you know random people like for example um yeah you can just do that and then back together uh so these are all these little creatures which you need which you're growing together so I just sent an invite and then you will just see it in the pending feed and then this is how it looks like so you see this pending request we are still not growing this switch together but then uh you can cancel requests if you think you did a mistake or you can just grow this creature together and that's basically the idea and then every day you just complete some challenges you need to feed this creature you need to change wallpaper then in meanwhile you all meanwhile we also chat and send messages to each other and this is just the way to have to spend time with friends or with your partner or if you feel that like you know chatting on WhatsApp or messenger is just like too boring then you can just grow this uh creature together and you just complete all these missions but you need to do it both of you it's not possible to grow like this sush just by yourself so that's the idea and then you have all these different paths which will be added rice multiple parts to collect them all and then yeah you can uh you can pass um so yeah that's basically the idea then you have your profile uh you complete some challenges and then you get coins and then you can complete more challenges if you're growing this path you can add a widget to your home screen so to see exactly the progress how far is it's going you can easily delete an account from your app then you can just easily share your profile on Snapchat for example and then you can just invite your friends on snap and you can just start growing these pads together so that's like a cool thing about this other super interesting I mean some people think this app is kind of quite weird uh but yeah it's yeah it's kind of fun uh so yeah it just depends on the partner or person you find and like what you try to grow it together hope this quick overage

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