SUSH Virtual Pets app - how to create an account?

hello interesting app sushi virtual pad so let's just install it so tap cat to install the app and then let's just tap touch id to to get it and then here uh yeah adorable virtual switches to race with your friends raise your child pets with your friends a new way to share time with your friends invite your friends to race a mini pad give love to your best to help them grow customize a patent environment play mini games with your switchpad so yeah there you have it create the most unique sushi pads with your friends take care of them every day and like a sush widget to keep your friends closer and then you can just open it up and then you just need to get started so yeah okay i will just uh do here an overview in the text now this is just some test account and i will try to okay that's weird okay so let's try some other country okay quarter exceeded exceeded quarter so i don't know what that is but yep uh there you have it that's how you create an account

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