SUSH Virtual Pets app - quick & easy overview

Hey Ron what is swoosh virtual pads app so that's the app where basically you can grow some virtual paths together and yeah the idea is that you can invite some friends or some partner just to grow uh uh bad together um and yeah then it's kind of like the idea which was in 90s I remember maybe you don't know like Tamagotchi where instead of a badger you just had this uh uh yeah um yeah you have like a like a small physical device where you could just draw and feed your pets so that's the same idea but you just go and add your friend uh uh so here and then like you can send some friend requests for example there is no limitation of friends which you can send for example and then uh yeah you can just start growing a switch together but it's not about like growing the spiritual path together with your friend it's about sending text messages and um uh like doing this communication and yeah like doing some daily challenges and just probably growing your relationship or stuff like that and yeah so that's what you can do together uh there is like uh there are different types of switches you can grow together there are all these recommendations there is an your account there are like settings you can delete your account you can you know you can also add a widget basically so the same as you add in like a home screen widget so just tap and hold and then you will see widgets appearing and then you can just search for sush here and then you will see that's your widget and then you can just tap to add your widget here and yeah that's basically your virtual path widget which you can add later so that's basically the idea again it's not about like growing some virtual um you know so virtual creature together is just another way of communication instead of like sending born messages to each other uh you are just kind of growing this animal together and you're just completed these challenges and sending different emojis and in different uh completely different challenges together and that's an interesting way to keep your friendship or just even a relationship but it just depends some people like it for some people it's like super weird but it can become

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