SUSH virtual pets - FULL APP OVERVIEW & how to use

in this video we're gonna go through a quick tutorial of swoosh app uh which are virtual paths app it's it starts to grow in a in a charts and it's super interesting app um yeah um so yeah for some reason it's so there you have it so this is the app uh you can grow virtual pads here so what you do you just create your account you just log in and then you reserve your username you can upload your Avatar Avatar you can just sync with Snapchat uh and then basically there you have it so this is your account but you need you need a friend to raise your first search so if you type in top right you have uh you can write multiple multiple uh pads together and then you can see which pads are available where and currently this is the uh yeah uh the source here you can see some description and then basically this is how it looks like but yeah you need to get a friend so feel free to add massage dot app slash Andre I'm just doing like a first tutorial super interesting app but yeah you can also just share it on on Snapchat or whatever um so try to do that then in top left to receive your profile you can change your username uh you can change your heart color you can add sush widget so yeah you can just add it on the home screen uh yeah just add home screen widget and then just follow your virtual pads like this uh so as you can see you can add widget so yeah that's basically the idea if you want you can delete the account you can delete your account in uh so shop but yeah that's basically the idea that you just growing these virtual path similar as maybe you've heard the concept of Tamagotchi that was like the viral viral device very long time ago maybe in 90s or early 2000s were before Proper mobile phones you could just go with like virtual device and grow it Tamagotchi new way to share time with your friends invite your friends to race a mini Pad give love to your past to help them grow keep the stripe to see your path evolve customize your pet environment collect coins but accessory spin wallpapers play mini games with your switch pad so yeah something like that uh it's growing the charts and social networking super interesting app here you can see uh you can create interesting paths with your friends uh so something like that hope this is helpful

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