SUSH Virtual Pets - how to create an account?

here's interesting app so spiritual pads and I'm just creating an account so when you create your account you enter your mobile phone number and then you just need to enter username so yeah to set up username just do this so then you can set up your profile picture using your bitmoji or take a picture you can allow notifications or um yeah or not and then uh yeah so yeah then you just you need a friend to raise your first Swoosh so swoosh is like a wheel shop uh pad it's similar to like Tamagotchi or some like you know this is very old school game which was packed before mobile phones uh yeah so you need to invite friends and then you can share uh share on Snapchat or share via the other social networks you can add widget you can contact team but there you have it super easy to create an account uh interesting app so uh definitely give it a try so does that hope it was helpful

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