so you try to search for sweat Wallet app it's not available in the App Store and like I was figuring out what what's going on because it's Advertiser over in sweatcoin Walking stop counter so sweatcoin app is a parent app to sweat wallet in sweatcoin you walk you connect your house kit on iPhone and then you earn by walking um so and then this Bitcoin app just released that wallet where uh seems like they're creating their own token in cryptocurrency and your earned steps can be converted to sweat wallet but sweat Wallet app seems like it's not available in United States App Store and also in UK App Store uh yeah so the thing is this app is available it's released in the App Store but it's just not available worldwide in all countries again it's not available in United States App Store so that's that's what it is at this moment uh but it's available in other countries so if you reside in other countries probably you should be able to access it but I just not don't know when maybe they're just doing some test run or beta version where just say just testing it out in in few countries and then uh yeah so that's what it is

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