SWEAT WALLET app - quick overview & how to use

in this video we're gonna go through quick overview of SWAT Wallet app uh which is uh additional app to sweatcoin working step tracker so basically to create an account in swat wallet you need to First have an account in sweatcoin and this is a really cool app which just connects to your housekit and detects your steps and then just by tracking your steps you earn some sweat coins before these were just some points in the app and you could exchange it could help exchange them for some like Amazon gift cards or anything like that uh but uh yeah and you need a sweat coins to to be exchanged but uh then they released this new app which is called sweat wallet and now sweat coins is a cryptocurrency it's a crypto token called sweat so there you have it and you can only log into SWAT Wallet app if you have sweatcoin account and then you just log in and all your steps are being transferred to swat wallet but the thing is I was using sweatco and app for a while and not all of the tokens are transferred so they are transferred but they are uh at this unlocking rate so it transfers only 20 slots per month um and unlocked so far 56 sweats and all uh they are matching my sweat coins we sweat to reward past movements at launch this gift will gradually unlock over 24 months starting 13 September 22. so that's that and then you just have that you just have all of these sweat coins you can yeah then you can just take them as a cryptocurrency so here they have the feature which is called gross jars where you can earn more sweat uh you can just take them for three months six months or a year and then just have that and if these and if these are coming uh soon you can receive your favorite nfts from your near wallet so I think this app is built on your protocol then you can transfer you can send requests your sweat to other people for that you need to know your SWAT username your username is available if you type in top left here's your username so that's that then you can just tap add and it's not possible yet to buy SWAT with bank card then you can also so this is mistaken I showed you and then exchange this is the most anticipated feature it's still not available so sweat wallet is available a lot of users were thinking that finally you can just walk you can earn some SWAT coin and then you you can exchange that coin to ethereum or like to usdt teaser like some stable coin and then just buy real stuff for that so just by walking you can you know unlock money but it's not happening yet it's not there yet so there you have it nft grow and then you have Rewards uh basically you can unlock rewards just just by doing more Fitness activity just by walking more so that's what it is and yeah still you can enter some draws you can enter some virtual events to try to unlock some events like this so yeah that's the idea um that's the app basically so it's very minimalistic at the moment but it's yeah it's just that's what what you expected to do hopefully all the features of crypto will be unlocked here soon and um yeah maybe in this Barrel Market it's not there yet but it will be there soon so hope this this was helpful just a very quick tutorial for you I have created another more detailed overview so just look on my channel Mr hack your sweat wallet also check out my Tick Tock and my blog Mr hack.io thank you for watching

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