so here is a sweat wallet app and i was just super excited to try it out but when i'm trying out it's with my apple id it's not available and what i figure and then but it's still available in an app store i didn't know what's happening so this thing is seems it's like it's available in some european countries as you can see here in the top in the url it's available in like i think european app stores like turkey app store or something like that but it's just not available in united states or and it's not available in uk so for example if we try to open it up try to check out some rankings in in your united states app store you will see that this app is currently not the wild in your country or region the same goes with uk so i think the issue here is that because this is a crypto token app and there are some like this is defy app and there are like real money there like probably there are some regulations uh in united states where yeah you need to have either a separate app or some some legal stuff or something like that similar as to binance there is like binance dot com and then there is binance us so probably that's why swat wallet it's not the wild in the us app store so yes that's what it is unfortunately so if you're residing in europe or maybe some asean countries i'm not sure the app should be available otherwise it's not available yet

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