so here is some overview of sweat Wallet app just for you to know this app is not available in all countries in all app store countries because it's a crypto app probably there are some regulations but it should be available in European app stores so this app is is kind of a continuation to uh to swat Coin App so here we have sweatcoin and then sweatcoin walking step tracker uh it pays to work so basically you can just walk and then you can earn some sweat uh crypto and then finally there is a sweat Wallet app where you can get that crypto so you can just log in with your sweatcoin to swat Wallet app uh here is it's like a standard defy crypto app so it has a lot of these instruments where you can first you can see your balance you can see your sweat transaction so basically for for every steps you're earning some sweat um and then you can see what's available unlocking rate 20 is what per month unlock so far 56 um so yeah we have much respect coins we sweat to reward past movement at launch this gives you gradually unlock over 24 months starting 13 September uh so as you can see uh I've got much more uh I've got like 558 sweat but available only 65 because they are not unlocking everything at one time I was using sweatcoin app for a while so that's what it is then I can just transfer my sweat so I can just send it to someone I can request I can draw so I can uh the more spot you have stacking crochets the more amazing rewards we will be able to claim uh so you can view all Rewards so that's basically that exchange exchange funding the other assets coming soon it's not available yet add coming soon if you want to buy SWAT with bank card it's also not yet available so this app is still in a very like early stages so don't expect that you were walking like you know your sweatcoin you are running like 20 kilometers per day you earn like thousands and thousands of sweatcoin then you can unlock with this app and just exchange it to a lot of ethereum or something like that so it's not happening yet but it's the idea for the future so then you have your nft gallery and then you can also draw a here and then there are also some Rewards so nft Gallery is empty soon you can receive your favorite nfts from your near wallet then you can draw cross jar rewards the more spot you have stacked in growth chart the more amazing rewards you will be able to claim so you can just view all rewards there you have them here uh you can mint more sweat sweat Walton rides with Community only for top spot holders so it will be coming soon it's a private Community Channel for top sweat holders grows the required amount of sweat to access the channel so you need to have hundreds thousands of sweat newsletter so here lower transaction fees sweet coin premium and so that's also coming so these are all the rewards which you can have here and then you can see current balance and then you can just tap Chrome or SWAT select a cross jar uh then you can just select the duration of the grow jar so that's basically the idea uh you can yeah that's like you can stack it here so and then in top left you have your your profile you have your name username it's not possible to change it or change your profile picture but yeah there you have it again the issue with this app is like it's not fully available in the US or UK App Store in some other countries as well so it's only available in limited amount of countries similar as you have like binance.com and then there is binance for you as app the separate app probably because there are some crypto regulations and stuff like that but maybe in the future this app will extend uh yeah and then you can see step exchange rate uh um so you can read more it's what it's designed to be more difficult to mean this time your steps today will mean more swap than your steps tomorrow so this preserves the token by contributing to a decreasing rate of inflation we have introduced many other deflationary mechanism which you can learn about on our website so today uh like you can earn one sweat just with one k steps just win 1000 steps but in like in 2025 one spot is only 7.3 k is more is more than like seven K steps and then in 2028 you earn just one sweat you will need 18 000 steps so that's basically yeah that's the token architecture here as you can see that's basically the idea how it works and yeah it will be much more difficult to get that more token in future um so yeah that's basically it and then you can see that seven days ago in one year I will need 2 000 steps to earn just one sweat um so yeah just hurry up so just gets that wallet and if you uh to create an account in smart wallet you need to First install sweatcoin app or you need to have some invitation email so just install that and then uh you will be able to to like create an account in sweatcoin and then uh you log in with sweatcoin to sweat wallet and sweatcoin app is basically connected to uh yeah to your sweat wallet and then you will be able to uh link your house kit data from from IOS and that's basically how it works so you don't need some additional Apple watch or anything so just bring your phone to yourself and after that it just counts your step right regular like any other app which is connected to this house kit so that's basically the idea uh so yeah interesting app for sure definitely give it a try and maybe you know you never know anything about this like crypto world like there is a bear market right now it can be boom in in future so check it out give it a try maybe it can be a really good idea for that again you can explore more uh there is like a learning section here where FAQ about sweat economy where you can just learn more about it

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