SwiftSpace app - find Swifties - quick overview

so here's where interesting app called Swift space find swifties connect with Swifty's nearby it's uh this app the one trending in the top charts recently and this is the first dedicated platform that allows Swifty style or Swift fans together yeah it's just a separate social media first Taylor Swift fans uh titash is well known for her like very strong fan community and yeah this is just like an app to hang out uh together so just open the app super easy to create an account then you will just see the feed so you can see all the content of course around Taylor Swift you can post create new posts you can change the privacy public followers uh yeah here are some feed settings public posts from people you follow post from people you follow and nearly post from people near you so that's just how your feed is being changed then there is chat it's possible to send conversations so you can follow someone uh you can report a Blog you can try to send a message it's easy to send a message you don't need to uh yeah to someone follow you back uh yeah you can see here likes and I don't know yeah you can see comments so you can comment or you can send a like uh then you can see nearby uh who who of those 50s are near you if you enable locations then you can see uh locations when you can see your profile uh you can tap on your settings to edit like privacy you can hide your location there is also deep jar that's how you can support an app so I strongly encourage you actually to support this app um yeah so you can just give tip one one time payment just to support the Developers then there is like a tutorial so C plus from the entire safety community you can see uh fit types you can see find people close to you uh you can chat you can find other people that are going to tour uh three spices free so kind of interesting app also if you can very easily delete your account in the bottom uh you can change your profile details here including your username so this app is not like super huge it doesn't have like millions of users I don't know maybe it has in U.S uh maybe it will actually grow but so far it's like very basic but it just does the job it's super easy to organize and you know it's a very kind of cool Niche Community organized around Taylor Swift so yeah hope this can be helpful and thank you for watching

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