SwiftSpace app - how to create an account? Quick overview

so here's interesting apps with space find swifties connects with Swifty sneer it's super interesting app yeah just built by solar developer I guess uh sweet spice is a first dedicated platform that allows swifties who are Taylor Swift fans if you don't know together browse through a feat of public boss follow switches from around the world browse through a fit nervous 50 cellular safeties are an air BTU and arise to meet up find other switches that are going to the same show as you this app is free to use if you do show ads to support our cost of keeping the service up uh you can also give us a one-time tip by going to tip jar and all of that so especially in approaching of this Taylor Swift tour in United States and there was so much drama with uh um with Ticketmaster so here you can see the feet you can see people from Fallen people near you you can chat with sweep this you can find people on the same tour and yeah so then you can just create an account here like that and that's how you create an account and yeah what you want your username to be and there you have it then you can just select some profile picture um so there you have it and now you created an account so very easy to use a very basic minimalistic you can see your show you can add your show you can see some settings uh so yeah there you have it looks kind of like just Twitter but for Taylor Swift fans so there you have it uh so something like it uh hope you enjoyed the idea uh if you don't like the app you can easily delete an account here but hope that is helpful

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