Switchere app - overview & how to create account?

so here is switcher app so let's just explore how to install it on on iphone so this is the app uh where you can buy bitcoin with credit card easily um so yep and then you can just go to that website and then you can just be redirected uh here to the app store and then as you can see this app is in the top charts in the in the finance category on the us app store so you can sell and buy crypto with credit card instantly build a diverse portfolio trade buy style hundred plus crypto through cost manage favorites your way to financial freedom this features secure all your crypto by an exchange so here is the app it's also available on ipad and then so i think this app was just released recently and then here you can see and then you can just create an account so you can create account with apple facebook or google so let's just continue with apple and here we can just sign in and create an account and then email code was sent so i can skip that and then you can just enter [Music] you just need to enter your phone number and there you have it so now uh you should be logged in into the app so that's basically the process of creating an account and then it also shows me some basic verification uh can i just skip it enable i can enable touch id of sid and then i can just keep you can also enable to factor authentication to your fa but basically this is how you create an account here and this is how you get started with feature app yep so there you have it i hope it is helpful

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