Symbolab Algebra Math Solver - app overview

hey everyone so here is this interesting app called symbol app algebra Mass solver so you can just open it up and it's one one of the most advanced apps out there uh yeah because um yeah it really it's pretty Advanced compared to other my software apps first you can just easily type your problem not every time you want to scan it and you have all these like cool symbols here and it makes it's much easier to enter this like complex equations if you want to Google this kind of equations like and you don't have all these symbols on your keyboard so it just makes it's much easier um so you have that that of course obviously you just have the scar which is in in many apps available and then you can just easily scan the problem so yeah and then instantly you have a solution so it's like super fast app then you can just tap to show the the steps and then yeah you can see all of the detailed steps you can edit your question just if it wasn't scanned correctly or something like that um so yeah uh that's basically the idea what you can do so it's pretty cool app and uh that's how you use it there are there is a lot of like examples uh like all the different uh all the different levels there is a notebook so to have this notebook synced across devices you just need to create an account and there are like some cheat sheets so like quick formulas click everything for algebra integral slim is trigonometry so for all of that you just have everything collected so yes pretty cool app so definitely get it

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