TABBY DATING APP full overview

hello everyone so here is basically it's tabby dating app which was just featured on the shark tank so a lot of people are curious what this app is about um so the idea is is super simple that this app is for cat persons for cat lovers basically so if you like cats maybe you can find a match for other person or who also likes cats so yeah i think it's a great idea so you can get it on android or ios so if you get it on ios for example that's how it looks like tabby cat person's dating app it's in the top charts right now in the lifestyle category in us app store and after it was premiered on a shark tank a lot of people are curious to know what this app is about and how it looks like find someone with or without a cat so this is how it looks like share your favorite cat photos find the perfect match match each other cat lover stay it within the app turn your house cut into a like you can also attend some events and all of that so let's just go through the app and see how exactly it works and yeah and then you can allow or download notifications and then you can just sign up so you can i also just prefer to sign up using apple and then it's because it's super fast and easy but of course you can just sign up with your email and let's see what's here and then that's my app so that's my profile then meet and i can just swipe left or right so here how it looks like or you i can favorite or i can put a like or if i want to uh to undo a swipe i need to upgrade um then there is the tree which i don't know it's like a news feed or something so you can find all events you can find all the places or get some tickets get some deals for cats uh yeah so it's like social media feed for cats and then there are messages so to get messages you need to start swiping and then that's your profile so edit profile your edge cats you need to add your cat's name if you have any display name private details of last name email address you can also from here just delete your account so that's handy then you have settings um so like distance radius notifications you can also upgrade to the ap membership and then you can just contact support and that's about it there and now as i understand there are no advanced filters where you can just filter by age or yeah just which category you want to meet how how far they should be from you because i think there are still not that many people on that app but i hope the audience is growing so there you have it so then you can just favor it and just add your photos with cats and that's basically that's how it works so that's the idea behind this app just a quick preview in case you are interested from the from the shark tank how it looks like and how to use it and all of that jazz hope that was helpful like and subscribe to my youtube channel check out my website mr hack.i and visit my podcast mr hakio thank you for watching                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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