Tabler app - how to create an account?

here is interesting app growing charts which is called tabler let's go through it uh share and join tables uh simple affordable and user friendly club in a private event experience anyone be my guest tabler app is all in one sharing an inviting marketplace for nights outs and hospitality pick your own crowd share costs and enjoy exclusive tables at the best clubs or private events around the world so sean can finally save some money and split table cost with other with just a few clicks uh you can join private table of easiness which are sending requests um so yeah uh probably like you know if you're visiting some nightclub or something like that and you know it's just can be much cheaper and also better socially just to to share a table with someone so to create an account you can use just email or apple id i just use apple id a lot it's just pretty fast and then this is like a clubbing app so if there are a lot of clubs and then you just need to verify your email so that's how you create an account and in the next video i will explore how to use this app

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