Tably Cat Care app full overview

okay so here is tably app so this is the new viral app which uses ai technology and recognizes the features facial features of your cat to make it more happy uh so let's try to create an account so i'm just using this so it's progressive up app meaning it's available on the web but you can create a link to it on the home screen uh yeah so just add this but let's just try to sign in with google and then you just need to take a photo of a cat um well i don't know i don't have a cat right now but let's just try the standard trick quiz just using like image from here and then you can see that the mood of your cat is happy 98 sure and then you can just tap submit check and there you have it so then you can have your cat and there you have it that's your cat there so yeah that's that's how it works basically you can add the cat's name like three years you can add cats breed and yeah and then you can only have checks during one hour or so you can check in him again and then again let's just check another cat [Music] here like this it's super cool that it uses ii technology with all these visual features and then you will see that for example this cat has a low confidence uh get down and your cat's level try getting your cat's attention using noise motion of every toy interior environments is well lit so that's cool so you can just upload this photos and let's just click on more details you can see all the submissions you can see the details you can see the dashboard help and all of that so yeah i think you can do like 910 checks as i understand here but that's that and yeah to add the app just tap on the share button in the bottom and then you will be able to add that to your home screen so that's how it works hope it was helpful that's a super cool app try it out if you're a cat owner

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