hello everyone so here is this app which is called tango live stream and video chat it's in top charts is in us app store so just interesting to see how it works it's one of this like video chat in apps there are a bunch of them they're like a new app every week in this category but maybe this one is different so let's just go so i think here the main focus on the creating your own live shows and then you can just become a tango creator which is super inspiring and super cool and then you can support other content creators and you can watch and choose your winners celebrate that so that's the app 162 megabytes you can see here download tango and become a part of social video live stream platform where you can discard talented video creators and make new friends from all around the world you can go live anytime and show your talents to the people around the world and interact with stem 25 000 ratings so choose your interest and then okay then that's the account that's my account i can just sign in with apple or facebook or google as you like usually i just use apple and there you have it now you created your account so hope that is helpful

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