Telegram Business - what is it? Should you upgrade?

In a recent video transcript discussing the Telegram Business upgrade option, the speaker delves into the details of what this new feature entails and whether it is worth the investment. The Telegram Business upgrade allows users to transform their personal account into a business page, offering additional features typically associated with business accounts. To access these enhanced features, users can subscribe to Telegram Premium for an annual fee of $36 or opt for a monthly payment of $4.99.

The Telegram Business upgrade seems to be geared toward providing businesses with tools to better engage with their audience. Some of the key features highlighted in the transcript include the ability to display the location of the business, set open hours, use quick replies, set up shortcuts, configure greeting messages, share links to chats, create chat bots, and more. These features aim to streamline communication and enhance the overall user experience for businesses utilizing Telegram as a platform.

It is noted in the transcript that the Telegram Business upgrade appears to be a variation of Telegram Premium, offering a blend of premium features along with specific tools tailored for businesses. However, there is some uncertainty regarding whether these are distinct subscription options or bundled together. The speaker points out that for businesses operating in regions where Telegram is widely used, such as certain countries, the additional business features could be particularly beneficial.

Drawing a comparison to Instagram professional accounts, the speaker suggests that Telegram Business could serve as a valuable tool for businesses looking to showcase their services and interact with customers in a more structured manner. Ultimately, the decision to upgrade to Telegram Business may depend on factors such as the business's target audience and the level of engagement on the Telegram platform within their region.

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