so 700 million users and telegram premium telegram has now over 700 million active users to celebrate pure launch and telegram premium the subscription helps support telegram and gives you access to exclusive additional features so some of the features are four gigabyte uploads you can send media and file files each up to four gigabytes in size faster downloads doubled limits so you can follow up two thousand channels connect four accounts any app organize your chats in 20 folders voice to text got a new button next to any voice message to generate and transcript of its audio unique reactions and stickers chat management badges and animated profile pictures no ads so sponsored messages that are sometimes shown in public channels will no longer appear and then you can then choose from some several premium app icons for your home screen so to access just go to settings and tab telegram premium so let's just do that so when you upgrade it so only after you updated your sorry updated your app tap on settings in the bottom right and then you will see this button telegram premium just above ask a question so there you have a telegram premium so you have here all these features which you can see and then that's that and then you can just tap to upgrade to telegram premium and then you just upgrade usually via app store if you want to cancel the subscription you need to go through the settings app and cancel vr icloud subscriptions if you just delete telegram app it won't your telegram premium subscription won't be canceled so yeah that's pretty interesting let's see how it goes usually the amount of users who subscribe to premium uh version of app is really really low like it's slower than one percent or and so you can see like the amount of users who subscribe to youtube premium how how many are those for example i'm using youtube premium but yeah it's probably it's only like for heavy users it totally makes sense five dollars per month if you're using telegram daily that makes sense especially for example i'm using youtube almost daily and youtube premium makes sense for me so yeah other than that definitely check it out

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