Temu app overview - what is it?

here's the interesting app which is called Tamil team up price down this app starts to grow in the charts in the shopping category in the US App Store uh yeah and this is like a shopping app uh discover a wide range of global products at amazing prices from Fashion to home decor handmade crafts and more finding new product that you love is just an easy type of way no matter the occasion you can always count on demo to have just the right things to brighten your life and help you live the way you want to live so yep there you have it and I think at this moment they just have a lot of discounts and a lot of deals so check it out 30 of uh first three orders and then they have free shipping when you start buying right away so yeah you can just get some trending things some sneakers some watches and there are a lot of this like uh like you know all these small little things you sometimes need in the house sometimes you really don't need them but yeah it's really nice interface in the app you have all these flash sales uh which you can discover and then you have categories so you have home Garden Sports and Outdoors kids fashion baby products shoes and bags men's clothing bad supplies then there is your profile uh you can also create an account with Google Twitter Apple Facebook or phone number so yeah that's basically that you can change currency and unfortunately at this app at the moment is only available in the United States so that's basically that then you have your card and yeah so that's basically the idea of the app you can feel get the feel of it uh okay you have all these categories uh you have best sellers so yeah it feels really kind of nice and easy like to use positive app like nice easy design and they have all the all of these products uh yeah it's really some some of them you don't need at all like as I understand but probably yeah if you're more like a home shopping so that's what you can discover uh hope that was helpful

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