Ten ten app shows connecting if your friend is not online

The new Ten Ten app demonstrates a feature that notifies users when their friends are not online. According to a recent video transcript, the app will display a "connecting" message if a friend is not reachable due to the phone being turned off or the friend not being logged into the app. To ensure seamless communication on the Ten Ten app, it is crucial that both parties have their phones turned on and are logged into the app.

Here's a breakdown of the key points mentioned in the video:

  1. The Ten Ten app will indicate "connecting" if the friend's phone is turned off or if they are not logged into the app.
  2. To use the Ten Ten app successfully, both parties need to have their phones turned on and be logged into the app.
  3. If a friend has their phone on but is not using the app or is not logged into their account, the Ten Ten app will not work.
  4. Users may encounter a "connecting error" when trying to communicate with friends who are offline or not logged into the app.
  5. While this issue may be frustrating, it is a common bug that users may experience.
  6. Some users have reported delays in connecting, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that friends have their phones on and are logged into the app.

In conclusion, to avoid connectivity issues on the Ten Ten app, users should ensure that their friends have their phones powered on and are actively logged into the app. By addressing these factors, users can enhance their experience on the platform and minimize connection errors.

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