Ten Ten app - your friends, no cap - how to use? Full overview

Here's an interesting app called TenTen, your friend's no cap walkie-talkie app. So this app just got updated, it has these amazing new features and yeah. Why is that?

It's a pretty cool app, it's basically a walkie-talkie app, it's nothing new, there are a bunch of apps in this category, but it's a bit different, it's very easy to use and your friends will hear you live on their phone even when their screen is locked.

So yeah, even when you lock your screen, you can just hear your friends talking like you are holding a real radio device. It's pretty cool, it's kind of like a Gen Z teenager app, instead of just sending voice messages or talking to each other through WhatsApp messages or through messengers, that's like a live walkie-talkie app.

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Here is an unordered list of the new features of the TenTen app:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Live audio transmission even when the screen is locked.
  • Simulates the experience of using a real walkie-talkie device.
  • Perfect for Gen Z teenagers who prefer live voice communication.
  • Enhances the social aspect of messaging, adding a real-time element.

If you are interested in trying out TenTen, head over to your app store and download it today.

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