Ten Ten walkie talkie app - what is it? Quick overview

here's interesting growing app called tantan walkie-talkie um so yeah this is the app uh where yeah it's one of the growing walkie-talkie apps and tan tan turns your phone into live walkie-talkie with your best friends anywhere anytime senior shouted or whisper it your friends will hear you live on their phone even when their screen is locked and yeah so you can also play video on music while on 1010 call you can now delete friends from the app and yeah all of that uh it's like anyhow this is super just an update so in previous video you can just search Mr hakia I've guided to show you how to create an account in this app pretty straightforward to just sign up and then you need to give access to your contacts but the thing is you need to invite friends to this app before you can actually start using it it's not possible to to use it with without you know friends accepting your invite so that's what it is unfortunately and yeah then at least you need to have one friend and then you will be able to use the app so unfortunately I just stuck at the screen at the moment but yeah 1010 app seems it's a nice idea because there was another app called high pal which also was focused around walkie-talkie and it's grew in the top charts pretty fast so you can try that app as well but in case you want to invite the users feel free to do that um so yeah that's what it is basically yeah unfortunately I'm just a bit stuck but the whole idea of the app is that you can instead of you know just messaging and calling you can do like a walkie-talkie and then just hold to talk and then you have like a kind of speaker mode enabled of course maybe you can do it in all video calling apps in messenger Skype WhatsApp whatever but yes this is just like a default mode for the speaker mode where you can just enable that and you can just have that so yeah it's pretty cool so definitely give it a try

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