TenTen walkie talkie app - how to create an account?

here's an app called 1010 walkie-talkie so let's just tap to install it so yeah let's just use Touch ID to to install it it only has 18 ratings but it's already skyrocketed and the charts in the social networking it's number 46 in the chart already it's like pretty cool and 1010 turns your phone into a live walkie-talkie with your best friends anywhere anytime saying it shout it or whisper it your friends will hear you live on their phone even when their screen is locked so yeah you can just open it up and then you see this app and then you can just tap let's go uh connect headphones or continue speakers I'm Rachel welcome code uh okay just texted you the code and that's how you create your account so this app is kind of similar too it's your first time on 1010. what's your name also wentworld because of this walkie-talkie feature oh all right last thing let's pick a good photo of you just need to uh whatever I can just add some AI generated image so yeah and you give access and then you can just invite friends you have 20 invites left so just invite people uh add me on 1010 and then you just send this friend requests uh so yeah and that after that you still need to have uh you still need to invite some people and yeah and then it will only work when you have your friends in Whitehead um so there you have it

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