Tertulia app - doesn’t work, buggy - what you can do?

hello so i'm trying to use tertulle app and i'm trying to go through the through the explore section and through the trending and yeah i like seems this app doesn't work yet for me it's it's seems buggy but maybe because there are like you know thousands of users trying to sign up because the app was just released and it was featured in new york times and some other cool media this is the app where you can discover books based what your influences reading like if you're familiar there are like a list of musicians artists who who can recommend what they are reading on this app and that's a kind of interesting concept um so yeah here is the app that i'm talking about you can search for it tertullia here's how it looks like inspired by the informal silence of spanish cafes and bars there too is new way to discover books through all the live and enriching conversation they inspire tertullia serves our book recommendations and book talk from across social media podcast and the web and then which this app also has book purchasing but it's only in us if a book has moved someone enough to get them talking you can find it buy it and share it on tertullia there are not many reviews there are no writings uh so the app is like super super fresh and it's access only but still like the ratings average writing is pretty high but for me it doesn't work yet so when i'm trying to open it up it's it's not loading i don't know it just keeps loading i don't know maybe it's only available in your ass that's why that's the problem so yeah there you have it

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