in this video we're gonna go through tertullia app which is going in the news right now because uh it's it was published in a few media outlets such as new york times and went viral so uh this is like a book recommendation app so you can ask like why what's new about it so basically it's like a recommendation engine for for books similar as you have netflix for shows and movies and spotify for for music so yeah that's the idea from the founder of this app yep and basically let's just open it up and then here is how it looks like i need to say that the app uh is invite only at the moment and you need to have access code but you can just go to their website and sign up for early access and then just enter email and request access and that's what you can do here so just sign up and and request access you will be able to do that and then i actually received a mile right away with the access code but that was uh the feature which they had like for 24 hours that you could get or a request a code just super uh quickly now i don't know if you can do it so i don't know how to get quickly on this app but anyhow you can see that this app is actually in the top charts in some categories and it's getting more review so as you can see it's number five in books uh so yeah it's it's an interesting it's an interesting app um so let's just go straight so here's the app i sign up and i have today for you talked about inside of development and the whole idea of the app is that uh that you have these famous creators journalist influencers and they are recommending the books so basically this this book is uh is focused around uh creators and like famous personalities like oprah like who recommend some kind of books so this is for example a book by oprah winfrey about entrepreneurship this is the book by by bill gates uh this is the book by luke appleing and then this is another book will be gates so here's for example i can go to this book i can bookmark it and then i can add it uh to be read so that's kind of cool and then i can also just buy it right away i i can add two cards and then in the united states i can just ship it right away so i can just have check out and then i think in united states you can just easily ship it to you so that's by so at the moment it's only possible to ship in united states not in canada not in uk or europe so that's basically it so if you're in your eyes that's that's the cool feature then you have also reading and then you have red and then you can so this is uh how you can set a status for the book to be read read in red that's how it works and then you can just set it up so that's the idea then there is explore tab where you can explore some some interesting books uh so basically yeah you can see all the ideas uh and then uh basically i think this app is kind of scraping these recommendations from from twitter so you know like of course you can just go to twitter and you're following some people and these people are recommending these books like you following some entrepreneurs they are recommending some set of books or you recommend following some i don't know artists but this app basically replaces that and is using this app is just scrapes all of these twitter accounts and their info about books and then yeah you can just see them here so that's that's the idea that's how it works yup then you have trending books you have fiction and fiction crime and thrillers some non-fiction so here you can see so yeah of course uh you can go to you can go to amazon but that's just another app and that's how it works and then here you have your lists and then you have your profile so yep that's basically the idea uh and then you can just search for an author and then you can just search some books and then you can see ratings from goodreads you can read some summer you can read about the book and then you can see more books by the author so very nice app like i also like the design very warm design very like you know nice colors similar to there is an app called clubhouse so similar to that uh yeah so that's basically it and yeah so that's the idea so definitely give a try to to the app it's interesting app for sure it was just uh basically released recently you can see eight ratings 4.5 out of the five average rating uh this app helps me to discover books that are just right for my interest i love the interface and the recommendations have been great so that's that's the rating and the comment law law but some people say that the app is still glitchy it can be understood that the app was just released recently so that's what it is at the moment anyhow this is what it is try it out your toulet app

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