Tertulia app - how to use? Full overview

so here i'm trying to create an account in in tertula app uh so for this app at the moment is in white only um so you need to uh to get access link which which you can get on their website so and then uh yeah i will show you so for example here is the website you need to go here request access then you will get an email with access link looks like this here is access link you can just then you need to download an app and click on this link and you should be good um so you can cut the line with this access but it will expire 24 hours and then so make sure to activate your account today um so yep that's the idea and then here you have types of books you can select which and which books you like and then you need to select which voices do you want to hear from select three or more so basically if you select these users you will see books recommendations from them i guess so who should i okay and then there is then you can uh get like three uh three months free membership free shipping ten percent of all books go ownership in tertullia and there you have it i don't know what that is i didn't put any subscription on my my apple id but there you have it so now you can explore so this app is kind of like netflix for books so the main feature is it creating this recommendation algorithm for interesting books to read um so then you will see trending there are a lot of users on this app right now so probably it's like it's a to be honest maybe it's a bit buggy so okay let's let's try to open it so it's still it's still loading so yeah it seems it's still a bit buggy because like you know it was featured in the media and user signing up maybe it's it's not ready yet but anyhow this is how you create an account

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