Text Free Texting + Calling APP OVERVIEW

hey everyone so here is this app text free texting plus calling so to install it on iphone just type cat and it's 103 megabytes and you can just get the second phone number unlimited texting wi-fi calling and more so that's why this app is quite popular so you can just get a phone number with either your name or simple sequences or even like combinations just like words and so let's try to sign up find the local number and there you have it then you just create a password and there you have it that's your number so yeah this this all these services you can get this number um for free but you need to be active so you need to send messages and receive messages here if you don't do that uh yeah then it's uh your number can be reclaimed otherwise you need to pay 4.99 but there you have it that's your number now and you can use it to sign up to services or to text and call people so yeah that's how you create your free number if you want to get voice minutes you can just purchase them here you can upgrade to head reserved number remove ads and unlimited minutes um after apply to calls you can add some signature how to reply to texts so a lot of cool features here so yep that's the idea hope that was helpful like and subscribe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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