The Home Depot app preview, can’t create account

hey there so here is home depot app uh so let's just try to install it and see how that works um so that's the app i can just use touch id to install and then yep then here's the app it's a good time to be a doer uh do it yourself in the palm of your hand save time with the home depot app shop over one million products and find the info you need most so yeah this is basically the app for the home depot um yeah you know how this store looks like so you can buy like you know all these appliances for building for crafting for like you know something like doing your own kitchen or like your furniture lamps all of that so it's like it's a very popular store in us so it has over 1 million ratings 4.8 out of 5 average writing here so that's that um um yep so let's just install the um in the app you can see it's in the top charts in the shopping category in united states so that's basically it you can email them at apphelp for the app support so finally here is an app so let's just open up the app and see how it is working see what's new in the app then you can just tap next set it in your space so that's really cool feature uh you can use the app in the store like you can see uh where everything is located manage your account and then you can just find your store view options or you can just search for specific city uh oh i don't know like i don't know like what's the store number or something so anyways then i can just try to do it manually i don't know like why there are no stores here uh so anyways for some reason i just can't get here uh maybe it's just because i'm using the app outside of united states somewhere in europe so that's why it's not really working but anyways that's the idea i will try to do another video with the app overview hope at least this was helpful and you know that yeah you can use this really cool new features like ar so you can just get the furniture and place it in ar mode so hope that is helpful

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