The Right Stuff: Dating Right - FULL APP OVERVIEW

what is the right stuff dating app so this app started to search in the in the charts in the US App Store as you can see is in among top 100 apps in the lifestyle category and Right Stuff app brings people together with shared values and similar passions discover new people while swiping on fun full screen experience stop sweating the small talk start with the date in mind you can respond directly to amazing data ideas or create your own for even more matches uh so the idea of the app is basically that it's just built for conservatives for the right-wing people and similar to other apps in this Niche like parlor like Rumble maybe or some other apps like that where they try to compete with mainstream social media like Twitter Facebook because people are just not happy as I suspect that Twitter and Facebook might be maybe are not neutral platforms but more like uh media publishing media with a bit like hinting to the left wing so people feeling that and therefore there is a new Niche for apps on the right wing it's not new this Niche was starting to grow last two years probably um so yeah that's basically the app and there is a new attempt from the dating world to create an app for that so as you here it says view profiles without pronouns upgrade to unlock even more connections connect with people that share your mindset yeah so for some people Tinder is just not enough or bumble you need you know that here's my type and I want to find a person in this specific type uh yeah and with this views and opinions it will be just easier for me to build a relationships in the in this Niche so you have apps for the right wing you have apps for like you people who like wine diet and apps for people who like beard dating apps for people who like cats and dogs and also like with some political views so why not so here is the app at the moment you can create an account um but still you require an invite so it's invitation only you can invite up to two your friends uh uh just give access your contacts yeah so I created my account just with using my phone number that's what you can do you can use any phone number it's available in us and around the world but but again I'm not sure if it will be fully available to you because at the moment it just said to me that I can build up my profile I can add photos answer some prompts like on any other dating app but uh yeah so that's basically I can tap view my profile then that's basically it I can preview it I just you need to add five photos so that's basically that I can edit photos I can change some prompts um I can add the new prompt or something like this a live column one quick rant about Alexa change the best Twitter account to follow do you agree or disagree that give me travel tips for and something like that so I can do these prompts and I can edit photos I need to add up to five photos to to start with the app then if I'm not happy with the account I can just tap on the account tab scroll to the bottom and tap confirm delete deleting your account will permanently erase your profile and all your connections uh so that's basically that uh yeah so something around it um yeah but unfortunately it's in white only at the moment I'm not sure again if it's invite only in some countries and really it's only available in United States for example or it is a yeah like that or maybe it's it's just not available to everyone and it's available to specific group of people to invite your friends again you can just type in and send like some message to your friends uh but uh that they will get access when you are approved so that's basically the idea hope this is helpful um yeah that's the app I'm not sure about yet how it's uh how it works inside the app because again I don't have access and this app is very new these are only like 96 or six ratings the app is still in white only so here you can see that uh invite only fantastic some people can't create account some people says it says invite required but I have invite and it still isn't working in white required needed in white uh so yeah so how to get invite I have no idea and yeah that's why rating is only 2.8 out of 5 and honestly it's not clear at this moment like how you can get invited because if I invite my friends I just send them a link to uh to download the app I don't send them like some invitation card or something so probably they're using some a bit more complex system or I don't know something like that where it's a bit more complicated to invite um yeah so probably hopefully they will resolve that in the future but that's that uh hope you like the idea um of the app I hope you liked my little overview put a like under below this video so more people can discover this app And subscribe to my YouTube channel thank you for watching

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