so in this video we're gonna go through the scout app uh so basically here it is um discard new locations it started to grow in the social networking categories social networking charts on the app store and it's a yes quite interesting app this app can help you to to discover new locations uh and also yeah just find them buy them and also you can uh you can earn revenue as a store so how does it work browse the home fit for location your in your vicinity as well those posted by your favorite scouters use the explore page to scout locations for upcoming trips or your next shoot once you select your perfect location unlock the exact coordinates um uh who can become a scout or anyone scout gives everyone the opportunity to get involved and earn in the industry allowing you to feel valued for your unique perspective there are communities that bridges the gap between locations scouts users and content creators how are scouters rewarded so scout provides an incentivizing platform that towards you for creating and sharing unique locations so let's just open the app and i will show you the functionality i need to say that the app is like still pretty under some box and glitches sometimes sometimes the app quits itself so the whole idea is as it is so this looks like instagram but you just find this image for example and you want to figure out okay this looks nice i'm visiting a copy again i want to know where is it and here is the catch so i need to tap unlock i will see the location rating but again as you see the app is pretty young so there aren't that much ratings and all of that i can see the address but if i want to see the exact pin i need to pay so here i need to tap unlock location and i need to buy bundle and then i want to unlock this photo for 199 and the other bundle is 30 unlocks for 44.99 so this bundle will save you the most money it's great for pre-planning a long trip while you'll be visiting multiple new cities and regions no more wasting time finding the best spots in unfamiliar area so you have something around it and yeah you would say why would i pay for it well i'm also questioning that will i pay for that i think it is possible only i think if it's like really amazing spot or like you know if you find some hidden gem somewhere in the city you really want to get there you really want to get that exact view so yeah like two dollars yeah why not also then as a creator you can create your own account and then for example i added my secure location i here because i added it you can see the the location of it but if someone wants to unlock it people will will pay for that and then part of that revenue will go to me as a creator so that's kind of interesting model you can create your account you can add your usernames here also when you create your account you can just add like your payout information which is basically your paypal account so that's also just very easily set up and yeah it's kind of like instagram look you can see your unlocks you can see your saved locations and all of that so basically also to add a poster location you just tap here then you you can just add something like this then you just tap next you can pause this location and then you need to drag the pin to exact location if it is social post you need to add some additional information then there are all these tips you can add them here like season weather months time of day and some other like general tips and then you can use it like as public or private and then you post it and basically if your post goes viral and everyone wants to discover where this post is yeah you can actually get some payouts from that so that's the idea of the app and also on the second tab from the left you can see all the locations everywhere in the world uh so that's basically it uh that's the idea of the app uh that's how it works uh you can yeah again you can share your profile you can edit profile the one thing is that there aren't that many users yet so for example in copenhagen there are just like few people literally here so the user base is not that big at the moment but i think it will be growing because interesting idea like it has much more bigger like monetization potential and yeah it's a cool feature like for example if you see this on instagram and you see some cool like sky view or something like hidden rooftop bar or something like hidden graffiti somewhere in new york or something like banksy pate painting like you would be interested in where that banksy patent is located but to see the exact location you actually need to pay so imagine integrating that feature in instagram that would be pretty interesting sorry um so that's basically the idea of the app uh try it out it's free to sign up uh and then just you can enjoy it uh let's see if if it um uh takes off and there are more and more users this is social apps you never know so here you can see the only scene when reading it it says you can sell our content we applaud to anyone at global photographers creators won't want someone to sell their content without knowing which media it will be used for so that's there is some issues in the in the privacy policy i guess in terms of use so yeah looks like this app is actually not just developed by indie developer or something and it's uh it's amazing like monetization concept and out of nowhere this app is right now like really started you know it's getting in the top charts to up to 100 apps on social networking and if a lot of people will catch it up it can go to top 100 apps and then from top 100 it's easily can go like top 10 for a few days and then yeah so it's it's very interesting so search for this app just called up especially if you're into travel if you want to travel this summer or autumn or all the year around and yeah want to do it in more social way and find some interesting spots around the planet so try out this app and help the developers uh it can really be interesting i'm just curious maybe also instagram will just take this idea and integrate at some point in the app it can be also amazing like uh monetization opportunity of course you have all this like you know uh similar features on google maps so this app is kind of mix of instagram and google maps in google maps you can become a local guide and you can earn points and some rewards i don't think is monetization rewards but anyhow if you just go around some places and reward them and leave some you know some comments and help tourists a local people to just find these places you will get like a local guide badge and all of that and in this app you don't have that that's what it is anyhow hope this is helpful thank you for watching check out my website mr hack today if this video was helpful you can go on youtube and check out like super thanks help me with super thanks feature check out my merch and see you around

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