ThemeKit app full overview & how to use

hi everyone so here is this app called simkit widgets and icon themes it's it's clamping into the top charts in graphics and design categories so let's just do a quick preview how it might work it's it's getting 4000 ratings 4.6 average rating uh it's made by fuhu Studios so here you can just see it Express Yourself by customizing your home and lock screen with tons of teams widget icons and wallpapers only take a few steps to personalize your device as you like uh And Then There are a wallpaper for iOS 16 and dynamic Island as well so there you have it um so yeah that's basically the idea uh um so here you can just see it how it looks like um yeah so let's just open it up there are so many uh so many apps like this these days if you just go to the App Store just hundreds of apps everyone wants to customize their phone because some for some people all these standard wallpapers and app icons are so boring um so yeah here instantly you get the best offer lifetime deal yet like you decided I'd guess if you really like uh to customize your phone you will definitely need to upgrade one day but before doing that I will just recommend you to check out a few of these apps and select which app you really want to use and then upgrade in one of them so here you can just take a look in this video what this app is offering you so here you have some seams wallpapers widgets and yeah so basically um what a seams seems are a combination of wallpaper icon and widget and I would definitely recommend you to start with this team because it's everything in a one color style one color scheme and it's just easier for you if you're a beginner you don't want to spend like three days to design in your own home screen theme for iPhone of course you can do it if you really enjoy the process but here you just have this like this is what your home screen can look like these are icons widgets widgets as these bigger screens in the top part which you can see here uh so yeah and then you can just see some newer ones um so for example you can just tap to download uh uh you can see how to install icons um so here you have wallpapers you can just tap save widgets you can tap save and icons like I have a lot of apps as you can see I'm doing this apple reviews I have like all the different apps but of course uh not all of these apps will have like you know default uh customized icon like Snapchat camera icon you know Facebook Messenger will have that probably but if some smaller app won't have uh already designed customized icon for this uh for this theme so then yeah then you just need to do it yourself or just avoid these apps or just keep them on the on the fourth screen where they are not customized so then yeah you have all these like app icons and then you can just tap install them um uh it's a bit like you know cumbersome process with icons if you didn't use it before um yeah okay so in this app it's it's another way so you just need to download icons and then uh yeah uh set it up is a configuration profile here and then in settings you will see profile download it and then just tap install and then automatically your app will be your icons will be installed to this device so that's basically yeah how it works um because in some other apps you need to uh yeah to really like go to shortcuts app and install app icon but by app icon it can be pretty complicated for people who didn't use shortcuts app before and so I really prefer when there is an option to do stuff like here so here you can just install that um then you have all this wallpaper some of them have these depth effect meaning that kind of the as you can see like the daps effect means that for example hour is just behind the cat's ear so it's it feels like the yes there is some depth to it and like 3D magic and stuff like that so here you can just discover all of it um so there is like Dynamic Island wallpaper so a dynamic island wallpaper means that it calculates that there will be this Dynamic island in the top as you can see here it's not visible because this is iPhone 7 but yeah this is you have this Dynamic Island wallpapers already for newer phones for like iPhone 14 or 14 pro um so yeah there you have it then you just have widgets widgets also available just on a home screen so you need to have IOS 14 for that or you have uh like a lock screen widget and lock screen widgets uh yeah should be available uh yeah on the iOS 16 and later where you should be able to install all this like amazing lock screen widgets which are just available on your lock screen uh when you lock your phone and you can install it see for example calendar you can see some quotes you can see some battery percentage you can see some countdown some like uh all of that and then uh yeah then you can just go ahead and create your own do it yourself themes so here you can just you know design your wallpaper you can create your own wallpaper you can uh so I color and actually in this app seems it's pretty cool it's pretty easier customizer so here you can create your own widget so yeah this app is also cool that you can do it yourself and just customize all these widgets and icons and make them completely unique so that's actually pretty pretty cool so try try that out as well um yeah other than that that's basically the idea of the app definitely give it a try it's getting more and more reviews it's pretty cool um uh yeah of course then you will just need to upgrade if you want to use some premium Sims and uh we got all content and without ads so lifetime 1999 I think actually that lifetime deal is pretty good uh if you have lifetime deal and then you are not charged every year every month that I think you can go for it but anyhow that's the idea hope it was helpful

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